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Your likelihood of success in changing your relationship with tobacco and nicotine DOUBLES when you access supports. 

By joining QuitNow, you will be able to set goals and track your progress, monitor your savings, access services from trained experts, and join a community of other British Columbians working on changing their relationships with tobacco and nicotine.


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At QuitNow, we understand that everyone seeks support differently. Our support services include:

Phone and live chat coaching

Text and email tips programs

Supportive peers forum

How will your life be better when you quit smoking or vaping?


Curious about Quitting?

Understand what to expect and  prepare for your quit or reduce journey.

How to start


Survive Quit Day

Day one may seem daunting, but we know you can conquer this challenge.

Get ready


What are slips and relapses?

Learn the difference and get ready to move forward if you experience one.

What to do


Your Vape-Free Life

Our resources can help make the right decisions for you, achieve your goal to cut down or quit vaping entirely and take control of your life.

Learn the health risks of vaping

Are you addicted to vaping?

Guide to ditching your vape

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“QuitNow BC is an amazing community of people who know what it is like to quit. The program does work. Thank you everyone.”

Tammy2, QuitNow Client

There are so many reasons to quit smoking and vaping. What are yours?

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Quit Week BC

A monthly contest that rewards your quitting efforts!

Whether you want to try going one day smoke/vape free or plan to keep it up the entire week, the more quit attempts you make the more chances to win a $150 prize!

Ready to get started?

Create an account to choose your quit date whenever you feel ready, track your progress and saved money, and find peer support.

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Did you relapse? Quitting can take a few attempts, reset your quit date and prepare to give it another try, and share your experience in the forum to help others.