What is QuitNow?

QuitNow offers free support services to help you quit or reduce smoking, vaping, and other tobacco use. Using evidence-based strategies like coaching and goal tracking, your path to a smoke- and vape-free life starts with a personalized approach to quitting.  Your likelihood of success in changing your relationship with tobacco and nicotine DOUBLES when you access supports. 

Our services are free to access for British Columbia residents and are available to anyone aged 10 and up. 

QuitNow is funded by the BC Government’s Ministry of Health.

Every Quit Journey is Unique. 

Take the First Step


Get the most out of QuitNow


1. Set up your Quit Plan.

Your Quit Plan is all about you. Use it to define your goals, understand your patterns, and help you identify people, places, and situations that can cause cravings.  

  • Think about what’s motivating you to make this change. 
  • Identify triggers that make you want to smoke or vape. 
  • Explore "My Tobacco History" to better understand your relationship with tobacco and nicotine.

2. Set your quit date (Whenever You’re Ready)

You can set your quit date (or a “start date” if you’re reducing your nicotine use) by visiting “My Quit Plan” and clicking “Set Your Quit Date”. Setting your quit date lets you track your progress and celebrate your milestones.  

Your quit date may change throughout your quit journey. Keep it accurate on your Quit Plan-- it helps the program work effectively for you. 

Set your Quit Date


3. Choose your Quit Tools

There are several tools you can use to help you on your quit journey. Try a few to see what works for you: 

Learn more about the methods you can use to quit/reduce tobacco and nicotine by visiting our Methods page. Combining methods (e.g., behavioural coaching and a quit aid) is a great way to set yourself up for success! 

*QuitNow does not supply quit aids. To access smoking cessation prescription, please ask your pharmacist or physician.


Is QuitNow right for me?

At QuitNow, we work hard to create a space where everyone feels welcome and supported. 

We recognize that people seek support in different ways. Your quit journey is uniquely yours. Whether you are thinking about reducing or stop smoking or vaping, ready to quit or reduce, or have already made this change and are seeking extra support, QuitNow is here to support you.  

If you are not yet ready to make an account, that is okay. Changing your relationship with tobacco and nicotine can be a big decision. When you’re ready, we’ll be here for you