Cannabis FAQs


What are the health impacts of cannabis use?

For information on cannabis and health, and links to additional resources, see the Province of British Columbia’s Get Cannabis Clarity website and click on the “health info” button. More detailed health information is available at HealthLink BC.


Will switching to smoking cannabis help me quit smoking cigarettes?

Inhaling smoke from any burning material is harmful to your lungs and your health. If you want to quit smoking tobacco, studies show that the best way for most people is to combine products such as Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) with supports such as those provided by QuitNow, including telephone coaching, and quit planning.

If you do use cannabis, experts recommend you consider "10 Ways to Reduce Risks to Your Health When Using Cannabis: Canada’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines"


Can QuitNow help me quit or reduce my cannabis use?

QuitNow’s services are designed for British Columbians who are interested in reducing or quitting cigarettes, other tobacco products, and nicotine vaping products.  See below for resources to help you address cannabis use.


Where can I get help to quit my cannabis use?

If you are concerned about your cannabis use, please consult a doctor or other health professional.

You can also access support through the following resources: