Email Tips is QuitNow’s free email messaging program that offers tips, information, and encouragement by email to help you on your quit journey.

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Email Tips offers: 

  • Tips to help you quit or reduce smoking or vaping 
  • Emails that align with your quit date (or help you feel ready to set one!)  
  • Motivation and encouragement  
  • Links to additional resources 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Email Tips work?

Email Tips are motivational email messages that are personalized to your smoking/vaping status and quit date.  

When you subscribe to Email Tips, you will receive at least one email a week, depending on where you are on your quit journey. Emails are sent at 8:00AM PST. 

You can opt in or out of Email Tips at any time.

How many emails will I receive?

Email Tips are personalized to your quit date. The frequency of Email Tips changes based on where you are in your quit journey.  

  • If you have not set a quit date, you will receive an email every other day for 2 weeks to encourage you to set a quit date. If you set a quit date, you will start to receive daily emails. If you do not set a quit date, Email Tips will end.      
  • Before your quit date, you will receive daily emails for up to 12 days prior to your quit date to help you prepare to quit. 
  • For four weeks after your quit date, you will receive three tips per week to help you deal with cravings, withdrawal and challenges related to quitting. 
  • Starting one month after your quit date, you will receive one email per week with tips and ideas to help you stay on track until you pass 6 months after your quit date. 
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