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Quit Coach Linda
Quit 8 years 8 months ago posted 5 days 12 hours ago
Many people use visualization to help themselves achieve their goals. Visualization is a technique that we can use to create a powerful mental image of a event or situation in the future. We can imagine ourselves achieving success and becoming smoke-free. Like Bob Proctor said: “If You Can See It In Your Mind, You Can Hold It In Your Hand.”

By visualizing and practicing quitting and being smoke-free, we can build the self-confidence we need to accomplish our goal and keep our motivation strong throughout our quit journey. Here are the few things we can do to improve our visualization skills:

- Write down in details what we want to achieve and how our daily smoke-free life will look like.
- Use the five senses to visualize and imagine the emotion as if we have already accomplished our goal.
- Imagine and picture ourselves being smoke-free and enjoying all the benefits of a tobacco-free life.
- Accept that there will be roadblocks and setbacks on our path to success and imagine how we will deal with them.
- Create a vision board with pictures and words that represent our goals and dreams. We can place this board somewhere we will see every day. That way, we will be often reminded of what we are working towards and aspiring to achieve.
- Use meditation regularly to help us feel calm, relaxed and focused. This will help us with our visualization.
- Use affirmation daily to help us get into a positive mindset and program our mind for success.
- Make time for the visualization. For example, we can take 5 to 10 minutes in the morning to visualize and another 5 to 10 minutes to do the same before we go to sleep.

Many professional athletes and celebrities use visualization techniques to achieve their goals and everyone can benefit from those techniques. See yourself enjoying a beautiful smoke-free life filled with joy and happiness!
QuitCoach Keri
Quit 22 years 7 months ago posted 6 days 5 hours ago
Lean on your loved ones. Be transparent and honest in your communication with them. Tell your support person / people how you are feeling, what you need from them, and what you expect might happen during your Quit Journey. In telling your family, friends, and people you are close to that you are trying to quit you not only reaffirm your own motivation but you allow others to be there to support and encourage you along the way. In those moments that you may fight the temptation to light up again these are the times those people will already know what goal you are fighting to achieve and can be that motivation to help you through the challenges. The more support you feel you have in your Quit Journey the higher the likelihood you will meet this goal with success. Let your cheer-leading squad build team spirit around your goal and inspire you to keep moving through the challenges and triumphs of your quit until you reach being Smoke-Free!
Quitting today posted 6 days 19 hours ago
Quitting again every 3 hours to 7 hours. Sometimes a few days. I've learned a valuable tool for this quit. Don't dwell on the thoughts. You are a non smoker now. Rebuke anything tobacco or nicotine related. Craves are easy to bypass by not dwelling on it.
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QuitCoach Kristena Log in or register to post comments
Quit 5 years 6 months ago Commented 6 days 13 hours ago
Hi TerryTeo, that is a great strategy to use! You are learning how to control your cravings and combat those sneaky thoughts. You are also absolutely right- don't sit in the thought of the cigarette because that will only intensify the cravings. Keep up the amazing work and remember we are here for you every step of the way! Just take it one craving at a time, you can do this!
Lvictor Log in or register to post comments
Quit 3 months ago Commented 5 days 8 hours ago
Only you can make this your last attempt to quit
If it is good for you
If you start smoking again don’t beat yourself up when you are truly ready you will try again
Prayers on your healing journey
Quit 2 years ago posted 1 week ago
Today I am at my 2 year mark of not smoking. I honestly thought I would be smoking for the rest of my life, but am thankful that I finally made the decision to kick the habit, No more coughing and hacking up that awful gunk every morning and throughout the day, No more worrying about when and where I can have my next smoke. The stress is gone! I was diagnosed with COPD in May and am on medication that really helps. I knew for a long time that something was going on, but told myself that I was just getting older and it came with the territory. Denied it for a long time and told my Dr. that I wasn't having any problems when I was clearly wheezing and out of breath. Told many lies to myself. I am truly grateful that smoking is no longer a part of my life. I was so scared to quit, cried on the days leading up to the quit date, but I did it anyway. There were good days and bad days, but the lozenges and deep breathing was effective for me. To those of you considering a quit, I encourage you not to delay, the sooner you do it the better. Wishing you all the best!
2 Comments last reply 6 days ago
QuitCoach Keri Log in or register to post comments
Quit 22 years 7 months ago Commented 1 week ago
Hi Jeanne, I want to give you a BIG Congratulations on such a wonderful milestone. I am so glad to read your post and hear all the amazing benefits you are discovering throughout your 2 year being smoke-free. You have proven to yourself that you are so strong, and committed in overcoming your addiction to nicotine. I am happy to hear that the lozenges and 4D's were helpful tools in your Quit Journey. We are so very proud of you Jeanne, and thank you for sharing part of your Quit Journey with the online community. Wishing you a wonderful, smoke-free life!
Frankie B Log in or register to post comments
Quit 1 year 2 months ago Commented 6 days 8 hours ago
That is so incredibly inspiring Jeanne !!! 2 years is a huge amount of time and you now carry the wisdom that we learn throughout the quit ! Sending you a massive congratulations on this amazing milestone !! I hope you do something nice for your self because you deserve to celebrate such a wonderful achievement! Frankie 🤗
QuitCoach Kristena
Quit 5 years 6 months ago posted 1 week ago
It can be difficult to quit alone. To ensure you feel supported and that you are not alone in your journey, we offer various support networks for you including our community forum, the opportunity to speak with a Quit Coach, and our group support sessions.

Our group support sessions occur every first Monday of the month at 7pm and they are on a different topic every time. You can ask questions, engage in a very informative discussion, and hear other peoples' quitting journeys.

The next group support session is on October 2nd at 7pm and is on 'Mental Health and Quitting'. We hope you can make it!

Registration is not required, but we prefer that people register for the Group Support sessions by calling a Quit Coach at 1-877-455-2233 so that we know how many people to expect.

To call into any of the Group Support sessions, please:
Call: 1-877-385-4099
Enter Participant Access Code: 4356609#

For more information on our group support sessions, please visit the following link:
Thinking about quitting posted 1 week ago
Haven’t set a quit day yet. Currently cutting down to under a pack a day from having over a pack for ages now. Desperately want to be smoke free, but I worry about my mood. Did anyone else cut back first, and if so, how did you go about it? Thanks people! ❤️
1 Comment last reply 1 week ago
QuitCoach Kristena Log in or register to post comments
Quit 5 years 6 months ago Commented 1 week ago
Hi vemanew, that is phenomenal progress you are making! Reducing your cigarette use can be a great way to gradually quit smoking and I often promote this method for those who are scared to set a quit date or feel that a quit date produces too much anxiety for them. I understand your mood is something you are worried about but try to remember that every withdrawal symptom you are experiencing is a sign your body is healing. Mood related withdrawal symptoms typically occur in the first 2-4 weeks of being nicotine free and can include feelings of anger, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, impatience, insomnia, restlessness, and/or depression. If you feel they can be hard to manage, try finding a few strategies to help ground yourself such as journalling, going for a walk, reminding yourself of your motivations for quitting, playing a game, meditating, or something else that can get your mind off the difficult emotions.

For reducing your cigarette use, here are a few helpful tips:
-Decrease the amount of cigarettes you smoke every day, week, etc (whatever timeline you are most comfortable with) and only put that certain amount of cigarettes in the pack for the day. That way you know how many you can smoke each day and can be mindful of it.
-Keep a tally of when you smoke, the time, the reason, your mood, and even rate how badly you needed the cigarette. You can use this tally sheet to decide what cigarette in your day to cut out next (it can be helpful to start with the ones you think you don't need). Here is a copy of a tally sheet from our website:
-Try not smoking the whole cigarette. This will not only make you feel more in control but also cut down your cigarettes per day by up to 50%!
-Remember the 4 D's when you get a craving: delay, drink water, deep breath, and distract

And if you need more support, we are always here! Call us any time at 1-877-455-2233. You can do this!! We believe in you :)
Quit 3 days 18 hours ago posted 1 week 1 day ago
Just joined the forum … super scared because of how addictive this stupid stuff is:( I’m so ready to quit and I hope I can do this
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Quit Coach Linda Log in or register to post comments
Quit 8 years 8 months ago Commented 1 week 1 day ago
Hi Paige_33, we are so glad that you have joined us today. Welcome to QuitNow community and congratulations on your decision to make such an amazing change that will bring you so many benefits. Yes, you can do this! Overcoming nicotine addiction is not easy and we may have many reasons to be afraid to make this huge lifestyle change. Please know that it’s normal to feel the way you are feeling. If you would like some support, please feel free to contact us anytime. We are here for you, and we will be happy to help you plan and prepare for your quit day. You seem well prepared and ready to put smoking behind you for good. Way to go for setting a quit date! If you would like to discuss about your quit plan, please give us a call. You may also visit this link for more information on preparing to quit: Thank you for sharing with us today and wishing you all the best as you are getting ready for the big day. You can do it! We look forward to hearing more about your journey!
Stanley Log in or register to post comments
Quit 2 years 5 months ago Commented 1 week 1 day ago
Million Step starts from the first step. You are in the right direction.

Cheer you up and KEEP NOPE not one puff ever

Stand firm to say no to nicodemon
boucock Log in or register to post comments
Quit 2 days 18 hours ago Commented 1 week 1 day ago
hi i just joined today, i put in to quit on the second of Oct 2023,
just want you to know you can do it, and tell yourself you can do it,
and hey nothing to be scared of theres no boogie man in the smoke, the only fear you have is in your mind, just tell yourself your a none smoker,,
you got this
QuitCoach Keri
Quit 22 years 7 months ago posted 1 week 1 day ago
Why is it important to give some time and thought to our true feelings towards smoking in our preparation to quit smoking?

Most times once we make the decision to quit smoking we are normally at the point that we recognize smoking is no longer providing us the benefit we once received through smoking. Whether that initial motivation to Quit comes from a health diagnosis, and upcoming event that we aim to be smoke-free for, or finally tiring of the financial burden that cigarettes / vapes put on our wallet; there are still always going to be feelings surrounding our quit that need to be explored.

Once we have identified our 'Why' we no longer want to smoke, to give ourselves the best odds for success we also need to identify what are some of the triggers and emotions that cause us to turn to smoking as our method of coping. When we neglect to do some planning on what coping skills do we want to use to replace smoking when we feel strong emotions, or highly stressful events we are much more likely to have a slip or relapse to smoking.

When we are replacing our smoking 'coping' with healthier coping skills there are key elements to implement to cope effectively with high stress, and strong emotions. These key elements are all functional, self-soothing behaviors. The first being positive affirmations. Giving ourselves the positive messaging affirms our confidence in our ability to overcome cravings and achieve our goal of becoming tobacco-free. Second is visualization. Having the ability to close our eyes and create the scene or situation we aspire to in our mind can have an extremely calming and motivating impact when coping in a challenging time of our Quit Journey. Another self soothing strategy that is effective in your Quit Journey is having a mantra you repeat easily to yourself; for example, N.O.P.E, Not One Puff Ever. You can write these down on note cards and leave them in places you may find triggering, like your car, or relaxing chair. Repetition of positive messaging toward you meeting your goal assists greatly in your ultimate success.
Try some of these techniques once you have identified your 'Why' and your 'Triggers' and let me know how your Quit Journey becomes a little bit smoother for you.

1 Comment last reply 3 days ago
Jennifer M Log in or register to post comments
Quit 1 week ago Commented 3 days 1 hour ago
This acronym is helpful
Quit 1 week 2 days ago posted 1 week 1 day ago
How do I get the free patches to quit smoking
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QuitCoach Elke Log in or register to post comments
Quit 29 years 7 months ago Commented 1 week 1 day ago
Welcome to the forum Tjgain93 and congratulations on quitting today! You can access free nicotine patches through your local pharmacy with your Medical Service Plan Card. You will need to fill out and sign a form and the pharmacist will provide you with 4 weeks of patches. You would return twice as indicated by the pharmacist to get the remaining 8 weeks of patches. Other options that are covered are the nicotine gum and the nicotine lozenges. But only one product is covered through the 12 week program. Please check with the pharmacist which would be the best dosage for you. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions either through the forum, the chat or over the phone (1-877-455-2233). Wishing you all the best for your quit!
Lucille Brown
Quit 7 years 7 months ago posted 1 week 1 day ago
Hello dear friends. Seven years, six months ago, I joined the forum. From the very beginning I knew I'd come to the right place and it was a decision that I'll never regret. Since then I've faced some bad times but not once did I go back to smoking. At 71 years of age I think I figured out how to beat the nicodemon at his own game. He's no longer a part of my life and you really can divorce yourself from him as I have. The secret to doing so is, "Never give him a chance to defeat you". Easier said than done, you say, but think of the alternatives. Would you rather deal with all that is associated with smoking, cancer, heart disease, stroke, emphysema and the list goes on or would you rather have a healthier and longer life. I think your answer will be the second choice because you're much smarter and stronger than you give yourself credit for. Listen to your intuition, it may be a hard knock situation but you and only you can decide. Please don't wait too long, there are so many here that want to help you move in the right direction. This community, is family and like brothers and sisters alike share a bond that is inseparable. We all share our disappointments, our fears and our challenges. Take a moment to share what keeps you from doing what you want to. Never say never, it's a long process but I guarantee it's worth it. So look to a brighter healthier future, live up to your expectation and give yourself a huge pat on the back because you deserve it. I've made so many friends here over the past seven and 1/2 years, too many to name but they know who they are and I thank each and everyone of them for their support and advice over the years. They have never let me down and neither will they ever let you down. Use all the tools available to each and everyone of you, reach out to the many wonderful quit coaches and support one another through your quit. If you can prove me wrong, then please do so. I promise I won't be offended as I care more than you think. I'm older and wiser than I once was. Take care and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Hope this brings all the new quitters together in their quest to quit smoking as I have. Lucille.
3 Comments last reply 5 days ago
QuitCoach Elke Log in or register to post comments
Quit 29 years 7 months ago Commented 1 week 1 day ago
Hello Lucille, what an amazing milestone you have achieved! Being smoke free for 7 years and 6 months is a huge accomplishment! Thank you so much for sharing your smoking cessation journey with us! You are and have been a great inspiration for so many throughout all those years! It is so nice to see that some of those long-term quitters keep checking in and continue sharing their experiences and wisdom. Thank you so much Lucille for all your wonderful contributions!
Stanley Log in or register to post comments
Quit 2 years 5 months ago Commented 1 week 1 day ago
Not being a slave of the nicotine will be the best decision i ever made.

Cheer you up Lucille and thanks for sharing.

Have a good evening
Frankie B Log in or register to post comments
Quit 1 year 2 months ago Commented 5 days 8 hours ago
Quitting in 3 weeks posted 1 week 2 days ago
Well it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here but I finally set my quit date, 7 days
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QuitCoach Elke Log in or register to post comments
Quit 29 years 7 months ago Commented 1 week 1 day ago
Welcome back to the forum Jason and sharing your journey with us! Congratulations on taking an important step and setting your quit date. The week left before your quit date can help to get mentally ready and prepare for your quit.
Reviewing your reasons for quitting regularly can help you to stay focused on your goal. You may want to check with your local pharmacist if you are eligible for free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products and have them handy before your quit day. How about easing into some changes and trying to delay and cut down on your smoking during this week. It is helpful to dispose of cigarettes and all smoking paraphernalia such as ashtrays and lighters by your quit day. Also, creating a list of things to do can be a great way of distracting yourself from cravings. Think about what has helped during previous quits and quit attempts and add those to your list.
Remind yourself that you are the one in charge and that you can do this!
Wishing you all the best for your quit!
Roberta L Hughes
Quit 2 weeks 2 days ago posted 1 week 2 days ago
Well I made it through my first week! I have been using the patch a low dosage. I take it off at night , first thing I do in the morning put it on. 48 years of smoking not heavy . Just breaking the habit of when you want one can be hard.I started a head of time before I quit changing it up. Family have been really good and helpfull, This was my first weekend without smoking founf that hard. I,m very proud of to have made it 7 days with no smoking . Never done that before, just keep saying I got this .It can be very easy to talk your self in to having one , that is when i go for a walk and clear my head.Bring on day 8!!!
1 Comment last reply 1 week ago
QuitCoach Keri Log in or register to post comments
Quit 22 years 7 months ago Commented 1 week 2 days ago
Hi Roberta, CONGRATULATIONS on making it to your first week of you Quit Journey! That is a huge milestone to achieve...I truly hope you take the time to celebrate in some special way to mark your accomplishment! You are a shining example of determination and commitment to your goal of a smoke-free life. I am so happy to see that you are proud of your accomplishment and sound so positive about the changes you are making to give yourself a happier, healthier future. Keep up the fantastic momentum, and we can't wait to hear where this Quit Journey takes you.
QuitCoach Keri
Quit 22 years 7 months ago posted 1 week 2 days ago
Are you wondering how mental health impacts your ability to quit and your smoking habits? We all know that becoming smoke-free improves our physical health. Your dedication to a smoke-free life is also proven to boost your mental health and well being: it can improve mood and relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Do you want to engage in a thought-provoking and informative discussion to increase your knowledge on smoking and mental health?

Our next group support session is on 'Mental Health and Quitting' and will take place on Monday, October 2nd at 7pm PST.

There is an association between the emotions, thoughts, and behaviours related to depression and nicotine withdrawal after quitting smoking. Join us to learn about the impact that nicotine withdrawal can have on the body and brain after quitting, as well as practical coping techniques. We will discuss a variety of ways to take care of overall mental health when quitting or reducing nicotine use.

Registration is not required, but we prefer that people register for the Group Support sessions by calling a Quit Coach at 1-877-455-2233 so that we know how many people to expect.
Quit Coach Linda
Quit 8 years 8 months ago posted 1 week 2 days ago
Hi everyone,

Happy Monday! Let’s start this new week off right with this wonderful quote:

“Your Monday morning thoughts set the tone for your whole week. See yourself getting stronger, and living a fulfilling, happier and healthier life.” —Germany Kent

Today is the start of a new week with new beginnings and new opportunities. This great quote is a good reminder that our thoughts can influence our daily life and highlights the power of visualization.

Let’s make this Monday an awesome day and may this new day bring you joy, laughter and happiness. Please continue to stay strong and committed to your goals and see yourself living the life you want. Wishing you all a wonderful Monday and a great smoke-free week ahead!
Quitting in 3 weeks 2 days posted 1 week 3 days ago
i have been trying stop smoking for 6 hours of my day before my quit date in October. My quit coach Karrie is very helpful and the text tips are also helpful.
1 Comment last reply 1 week ago
QuitCoach Keri Log in or register to post comments
Quit 22 years 7 months ago Commented 1 week 3 days ago
Hi Tony, welcome to the community forum! I am so glad to see you have made it here online. I think you will find this community forum so supportive of you and your Quit Journey. Congratulations on making an intentional attempt at working towards 6 hours smoke-free! All the little steps towards your smoke-free life add up and one day you will look back and your journey will have lead you to a happier, healthier, smoke-free life! I am so very proud of you Tony, and thank you for sharing part of your Quit Journey with us!