Refer your clients to QuitNow and we will do the rest! We will follow up and provide your clients with all the support and information they need to be tobacco and nicotine-free.

Two Simple Ways to Refer Your Clients to QuitNow


You can refer clients using our easy online form.  It is non-searchable and only accessible to pre-programmed referral agents.

To get set up as a referral agent, please email us at with your name, organizational affiliation, and phone number.


Print and fill out our downloadable referral form and fax it to us at 1-888-857-6555.

You can order referral forms and other material, if you would like them printed and delivered to you for free.

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What QuitNow Can Do for Your Clients

QuitNow is a customized program that works because it is built for the individual. Our evidence-based strategies and individualized program features have helped thousands of British Columbians quit tobacco and nicotine.

Web-Based Services

We will create an account for your client that enables them to create a personalized Quit Plan, chat with a Quit Coach, and receive Text and Email Tips.

Joining a Supportive Community

You are not alone, you can access the Community Forum, attend Group Support Session conference calls and view the Local help directory for community options outside of QuitNow.


Live Chat and Phone

Telephone counselling has been proven to increase one’s chances of quitting smoking successfully. Clients can talk to our trained Quit Coaches for free one-on-one advice and guidance whether your patient is looking to quit or wants to learn about their health.   

Live Chat offers the option for clients to ask questions or seek quick advice from a Quit Coach through instant message online.