For Health Care Providers

There is no single more powerful influence on someone's motivation to quit smoking than the advice of a trusted health care provider. QuitNow is here to help you make that impact go even further, and to save you time in the process.


Supporting Loved Ones With Quitting

Someone who feels supported during their quit has a greater chance of quitting for good. You can play an important role in helping someone you love become smoke-free.


Help Friends and Family

Ask what you can do to help, be understanding and patient, never nag, offer to do smoke-free activities and celebrate their successes.


Download Materials

Check out our downloadable educational materials and Smart Steps booklets to help people quit and support others in the process.


Referral to QuitNow

For health care providers, refer clients to QuitNow and we will do the rest! We will follow up by phone and provide your person with all the support and information they need to be smoke-free.