There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Access our downloadable materials or order materials here that will be shipped to your door. We have everything you need to support your patients or clients, from referral forms to educational and promotional materials.

Available Materials


Print material to support quitting smoking

  • General - Smart Steps
    • Pocket-sized booklet for adults wanting to quit smoking. There is information on the medications, services and tips in an easy-to-read format
  • Indigenous - Smart Steps
    • Pocket-sized quit smoking booklet for adults wanting to quit smoking that uses culturally-appropriate imagery and language for the Indigenous people of BC. There is information on the medication, services and tips in an easy-to-read format
  • Friends and Family- Smart Steps
    • Pocket-sized booklet for friends and family to support their loved ones in quitting smoking 
  • Quitting During Pregnancy
    • Double-sided resource discussing benefits of quitting for expectant mothers and their babies. Includes guidance on how to quit & available tools. 
  •  Youth - quit4life booklet (max. 5 per order)
    • ​​​​​​​This is a multi-paged booklet created by Health Canada in 2014 that guides youth and young adults through the quitting process for cigarettes or smokeless products

Print materials about e-cigarettes and vaping

  • Vaping infographic
    • An overview of vaping products, the components of a vaping device, what's in the vapour, and the potential health effects of nicotine
  • Vaping products: Frequently asked questions
    • Quick facts and frequently asked questions about vaping products
  • Vaping products: Information for parents
    • The material in this resource is designed to inform parents and help them start these conversations with their children
  • Vaping products: Information for teachers
    • This resource provides evidence-based information to help teachers inform students of the known and unknown risks of vaping
  • Tips for quitting vaping
    • Tips to help you quit or reduce your use of e-cigarettes
  • Health risks of vaping
    • Double-sided graphic outlining various health risks of vaping and directing to support

Print material to support others to quit

  • Friends and family - smart steps
    • Pocket-sized quit smoking booklet that provides guidance for family and friends who want to help someone to quit smoking
  • Mental health - smoking cessation outreach posters
    • This set of four posters were developed with feedback from health care providers and mental health clients. The posters cover the struggles, benefits and available supports associated with quitting smoking. An ideal tool for mental health facilities and clubhouses to start a conversation about smoking cessation with clients
  • Lung cancer and men
    • This booklet is for family members of people with lung cancer
  • Lung cancer and women
    • This booklet is for family members of people with lung cancer.

Referral forms

  • Fax referral pad of 25
    • (25 forms per pad - 8.5x11 tear sheets) The QuitNow Fax Referral Program is a program designed to make it easy for healthcare providers to refer their patients/clients to the helpline, website or text program for assistance to quit smoking. To take advantage of the program, we have created easy-to-use fax referral pads which can be faxed to QuitNow
  • How to Refer to QuitNow
    • This double-sided handout for providers explains why referring to QuitNow can help their patients quit and provides detailed steps on the referral process.

Promotional print materials

  • QuitNow business card
    • Standard business card (Simple front - back includes list of what free services are available through QuitNow)
  • Note pad
    • Blank writing pad with QuitNow logo. Maximum order of 25
  • Postcard
    • ​​​​​​​Double-sided postcard with illustrations of QuitNow's free smoking cessation services. Ideal for clinic and doctors' offices. Can also be used as a tool during pre-op and discharge conversations
  • Poster
    • ​​​​​​​An illustrated poster listing all of QuitNow's free smoking cessation services. Ideal for bulletin boards in hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices and other health facilities
  • How to Use QuitNow
    • This double-sided handout explains why and how clients can use QuitNow's services to increase their chances of quit success.

QuitNow promotional materials

  • Cost calculator wheel
    • An interactive wheel that helps a person calculate the cost of smoking based on a package of cigarettes costing $12
  • Pens
    • ​​​​​​​Limit of 5 units/ order
  • Flipcube
    • ​​​​​​​A fun distraction toy with different info on each side. Limit of 25/ order

To Order Materials

Please email with the items and quantity you would like to order, and where you would like the materials shipped to.