Two Simple Ways to Refer Your Clients to QuitNow



We have an easy online form, but first we need to pre-program your contact information. Simply email us at to get set up.



Print and fill out our downloadable referral form and fax it to us at 1-888-857-6555. Order referral forms and other material, if you would like them printed and delivered to you for free.

What QuitNow Can Do for Your Clients

QuitNow is a customized program that works because it is built for the individual. Using evidence-based strategies that have helped thousands of British Columbians, your client's path to a smoke-free life starts with a personalized approach to quitting.

Web-Based Services

We will create an account for your client that enables them to:

Create a personalized Quit Plan

Chat with a Quit Coach

Live Chat and Phone

Phone provides free one-on-one advice and guidance. Whether you are looking to quit, or want to learn more about your health, our Quit Coaches are available to help.

Do you have a quick question about quitting? Live Chat connects you with a Quit Coach for all the answers.