Tips to Help Others Quit


Ask what you can do to help

Everyone has different needs.

Do not start offering unsolicited advice. If they want space, give it to them. Let them know you are available, and if they need you, they will come to you.


Be understanding and patient

Irritability and crankiness are common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. These moods will pass, but in the meantime, give your friend a break. Get informed about the side effects of withdrawal and cravings common during the quitting process.


Never nag

It will only make them feel worse.

Slips and relapses happen, and people rarely quit on their first attempt. In order to pick themselves up and try again, they need to feel supported and encouraged - not shamed.


Offer to do smoke-free activities

It is difficult for someone trying to quit to be around others who smoke. Even if you are a person who smokes, you can suggest doing smoke-free activities like going to the movies or a favourite restaurant.


Celebrate their successes

Quitting is a big deal. Acknowledge when they have reached key milestones like being smoke-free for one week, one month or one year and help them celebrate by doing something special. Point out the positive changes you have noticed since they quit, like having more energy. A compliment can build their confidence and ongoing resolve to quit.


FREE Quit Smoking Support Services

QuitNow offers free support services to help British Columbians quit smoking. We bundle all of our services under something we call a Quit Plan.  Learn about it and refer friends and family. Check out our downloadable materials for more information.


Fully Covered Nicotine Replacement Therapy and Prescription Medications

The BC government offers a 12-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy or prescription medications through PharmaCare to those who qualify.


Online Community

Help is what our Community Forum and our social media channels are all about. You can join support from people like yourself on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as well as the Community Forum who have valuable quit tips or words of encouragement to share.