It’s the big day! Whether you’re quitting or reducing, the first day of your journey can be challenging. Here are some things you can do to handle quit day and start your journey off strong.


father and son cooking together


Get Productive

Get your errands done, clean up the house, try a new hobby, or finish that task you’ve been avoiding. You’ll feel accomplished and encouraged to keep working towards your goals.


Get Active

Go to the gym, go for a bike ride, a walk or run, or do any activity you enjoy and that will get those endorphins going - even a dance party in your kitchen can help!


Get Social

Fill your schedule with fun activities with loved ones during the first few days of your quit! Here are some tobacco-free activities to do with friends: go for a long walk, cook a meal together, go see a movie, or sightsee in beautiful British Columbia.

4 Ds strategy: Delay, Distract, Deep breathing, Drink water.


Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but it can also trigger the urge to smoke or vape. Find healthier ways to deal with stress such as movement, meditation or mindfulness, and deep breathing.

Cope with Stress


Alcohol and social gatherings

Alcohol is the most common reason for slips and relapses. Try to avoid or cut down on alcohol during the first few weeks of your quit journey. If you’re going to a social gathering, enlist a friend to keep you on track and help you deal with cravings.

other smokers

Being around people who smoke or vape

Peer influence from others who smoke can be difficult to deal with, especially early in your quit journey. Try your best to socialize with people who don’t smoke or vape and ask friends not to smoke or vape around you or offer you one. 

Quitting is tough, but so are you!

Know where to find support

We’ve got resources to help keep you accountable and motivated to reach your goals.  

Reach out to a Quit Coach or to peers on the Community Forum for advice and encouragement as you embark on your quit journey.

You’ve got this!