Reduction means cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke or times you vape until you reach your goal. That goal could be zero, half of where you started, or something unique to you.

Why should I reduce smoking or vaping?

The only way to fully protect yourself from the harms of nicotine products is to quit smoking or vaping. But, reducing how much you smoke or vape could help lessen some of these harms. Reduction may help lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. It may also keep some smoking-related diseases from getting worse.

Benefits of reducing vaping or smoking infographic
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How do I reduce smoking or vaping? Use these steps to start reducing:

1. Start tracking how many times you smoke or vape a day:

a. Make a list of your daily cigarettes/vape sessions. You can define a “vape session” as 5 or more puffs in a row. Or, track the number of puffs you take of your vape. 

Tip: Print out this Tally Sheet to track your smoking/vaping behaviour for a few days

b. Identify the cigarettes/ vape sessions that are easiest and hardest to cut out.

2. Set a goal to reduce how much you smoke or vape, or how much nicotine you consume:

Chart with the goals for reducing smoking or reducing vaping: reduct to zero, smoke or vape less, set a time-based goal, reduce your nicotine concentration

3. Plan how you will distract yourself while you reduce:

Distract from cravings

4. Start by cutting out the cigarettes or vape sessions that are hardest to eliminate.

For a lot of people, this is the first one when you wake up or after work. 

5. Track your progress and celebrate your wins!

  • Give yourself a reward each day that you consume less nicotine (fewer cigarettes, less vaping, lower-nicotine pods).
  • Tip: Try putting $1 in a jar each day that you’re reducing. When you reach your goal, buy yourself a reward!

Other ways to reduce your smoking or vaping

  • Gradually increase the time between cigarettes or vape sessions.
  • Choose one “smoke-free day” per week.
  • Smoke only half a cigarette each time. 
  • Limit your smoking or vaping to certain places. E.g., smoke outside, but not at work or in the car. 

    Tip: put your cigarettes or vape in the trunk when you’re driving so you aren’t tempted.

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Delay your first cigarette/puff of the day for as long as you can after waking up.