Vaping products that contain nicotine are addictive and can be challenging to quit or cut back on. Making this change will be easier if you prepare in advance. Use the tips below to build your quit-vaping plan.

1. Figure out what's motivating you

Make a list of your reasons for making this change. Maybe you want to breathe more easily, improve your athletic performance, and save money.

Whatever your reasons are, write them down and keep them visible at home, at work, and wherever else you spend your time. This list can help you stick to your goals when your motivation is low or when faced with a craving.

2. Set a date

Choose a date that sets you up for success. Setting your quit date within the next two weeks will give you time to prepare, but it’s not so far away that you could lose your motivation.

3. Clean your space

Set yourself up for success by creating a vape-free space. Get rid of your vape, your pods, and anything that reminds you of vaping. You might also want to mute or unfollow people on social media that post a lot of vaping-related content.

4. Prepare for triggers and cravings

Nicotine is addictive, and cravings are common during your first few weeks of quitting. The good news: cravings usually pass in under 5 minutes. Use the 4 Ds to help you get through them: delay, distract, drink water, deep breathing.

Triggers are situations, people, or places that make you think of vaping and give you an urge to vape. Stress is a common trigger for vaping, but vaping is only a band-aid for dealing with stress. Instead of vaping, brainstorm some healthy coping tools that you can use to handle stress that you can carry with you long-term. For example, exercise (even just going for a walk), meditation or deep breathing, and talking to a friend are great ways to deal with stress.

Make a list of your possible triggers and the tools you can use to handle them. Read more about triggers.

5. Build your support system

Surrounding yourself with supportive people can make it easier to quit vaping. Tell your loved ones that you are quitting vaping and ask them for support. Try to be as specific as possible with what you need; for example, if you are having a craving, who can you call to distract you? Is there a friend who can check in on you to help boost your mood if you’re feeling stressed or down?

The QuitNow community is always here to support you through this change. Visit the Community Forum to connect with others on their quit journeys.

6. Celebrate your wins

Recognizing and celebrating accomplishments when you’re quitting can boost your ability to resist stress and cravings. Give yourself credit for every accomplishment, big or small, and reward yourself for reaching your goals.

7. Go easy on yourself

If you slip, don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day and you can always try again.