Want to try to quit smoking or vaping? Now's your chance!

Quit Week BC is QuitNow’s quit and win contest. It runs the 2nd week of every month and gives you the opportunity to try out going tobacco- or vape-free for any day during that week. The more days you stay quit for, the more entries you get for the $150 prize!

If you smoke, vape, or use another form of tobacco, you may be interested in quitting or may have tried before. The reality is that it can take more than a few tries before quitting for good – consider this your opportunity to test it out any day during the week-long contest. 


We know that many people who use tobacco and nicotine want to quit, but we also know that many people struggle to find the motivation to make a quit attempt. Quit Week BC is that extra nudge you need to turn a plan into action. The more times you try to quit, the more likely you are to succeed

Entering our Quit Week BC contest could mean winning a $150 prize or choosing at the end of it to stay quit for longer. Either way, you’ll start reaping the health benefits immediately!

To get additional entries into the contest, try to make as many quit attempts or stay quit for as long as you can during Quit Week! At the end of the week, we'll email you a form to fill out with all the days you stayed quit for. Fill it out to get an extra entry for each additional day quit! 

Do you want to keep your track? Download our planner here!


Note that the webform opens the 3rd Wednesday of the month and is open until the Friday of the contest period.